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Have you ever bought a used vehicle and later realized that it wasn't what you expected? Well, most people have found themselves in the same predicament. You buy a car thinking that is going to solve your transportation problem, only to realize that it's a lemon. 

In such cases, you might have heard about using a Carfax report to try and prevent this type of situation from occurring. But if you're wondering to yourself, What is Carfax?”, we’ll explain that in the details below. Keep reading.

What Is Carfax?

A Carfax report is a vehicle history analysis that details the previous issues that a car might have. It’s a resource that car buyers rely on before purchasing pre-owned vehicles. The report will hopefully prevent you from buying a lemon and getting stuck with a car note for a poor-working vehicle.

Carfax collects data on cars and trucks and keeps all of the information in an online database. if you're curious about a certain automobile, just enter its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the Carfax lookup tool. The details surrounding the vehicle are then published into a Carfax report. There is a fee for the report, but it's worth it.

If the vehicle that you're interested in was involved in a previous accident or endured flood damage, the report will specify. Not only that, but the information also provides insight into the vehicle’s mileage. The Carfax report will list the last known mileage number on the car’s odometer. If the numbers that are currently on the odometer are way off, and that can be a red flag.

How Does Carfax Get Its Information?

A Carfax report is a combination of various records from different sources. It collects data from insurance companies, police departments, DMVs, and auction houses in order to put together a report. 

If there have been any major issues with the vehicle, Carfax can most likely pick up on those details. The advantage of used car records is that they give you insights about the car that you wouldn't have known otherwise.

Here are some of the things that you can expect to find on a Carfax report:

·         Odometer readings

·         Number of previous owners

·         Emission test statuses

·         Manufacturer recalls

·         If a car has been salvaged or junked

·         Lien and repossession history

·         Fleet vehicle information

With this information at your disposal, it helps you make an informed decision. Buying a used car bit tricky,  therefore Carfax comes in handy.

Is Carfax Foolproof?

What is carfax? It's a helpful resource, but an imperfect one. If you search a vehicle and receive a clean report, that doesn't mean that there are no issues with it. 

It simply means that Carfax hasn't found any major issues. There may be some problems with the vehicle that Carfax doesn't have access to. For instance, when an accident occurs in a metropolitan city, it’s reported to the local police department. But let's say it's a car that endured an accident in a small town, that information may not come up. 

Not to mention, if the accident happened a short while before you pull the Carfax, it might not have had a chance to appear on the report just yet.

Basically, if there's no record of a particular issue, Carfax won't be able to tell you about it. Therefore, you still need to use your best judgment when buying a used automobile.

But hey, a clean report could also mean that you’re buying a great vehicle with no issues.

Other Methods for Choosing the Right Used Vehicle

Pulling a Carfax report gives you an advantage, and it provides you with more confidence in the car that you're buying. However, there are some other things that you can do in addition to viewing the report, such as:

Test Driving

You may not be able to pick up on every issue through test driving, but it'll give you a good feel for the car. As you're driving, pay attention to small details and take a mental note of anything that seems off. If there are any major problems with the vehicle, hopefully they'll show up during the test drive.

Have a Mechanic Inspect It

If you want to take things a step further, you could always have a trusted mechanic take a look at the vehicle. They can check under the hood for discrepancies and listen to the car to see if anything stands out. The mechanic won't be able to spot every issue with the car, but having a physical inspection will at least provide you with more peace of mind.

Buy from a Trusted Dealer

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a risk. Therefore, it's vital to make purchases from a trustworthy dealer like Serra of Jackson. You only want to do business with a dealership that’ll ensure that you drive away in a reliable set of wheels. So be sure to choose a dealer that'll take good care of you. 

If you combine all of these tips, you should end up with a car or truck that's dependable and meets your needs.

Used Cars at Serra of Jackson

What is Carfax? It's a useful tool that'll help you choose a vehicle from our used inventory. We have a large selection of pre-owned automobiles that you’ll love.

Our used cars are top-quality and Motor Trend Certified as well. You can trust that the vehicle that you get from us is up-to-par!

If you have any questions regarding our inventory, call our sales department at 1-888-380-6149 or contact us online.

We're here to help you get into smooth-running, reliable transportation!

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